Know WHO You Believe

This week on Sharin’ Hearts: The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger Green digs into Know Who You Believe by Paul Little.




Do you question whether God knows or cares about you in your everyday life? Would you like to be connected with God? Do you feel you need to know a little more about God before connecting with Him?

If so, come be a part and join author Paul Little as he helps you to closely examine the central truths about God and enable you to know with confidence in whom you believe!

This 3rd volume was published after the death of Paul Little by his wife Marie Little from a cache of Paul’s files, tapes, and a previous book entitled The Answer to Life. Marie has used Paul’s voice on every page…the thoughts and theology are his. Marie has added some updated terms and references, but whenever she does, she has set them off from the main text.

I so appreciate the work she has done. To me, it is such a blessing that Paul’s wonderful insights were not lost due to his untimely death.

It is not enough to know about God’s Word, ways, and attributes. It is not enough to preach about these, proclaim the Good News, or promote Bible study. What the deciding factor is of whether or not we are in-dwelt by the Spirit of God and on the road to eternal life is that we know God.

Know WHY You Believe

This week on Sharin’ Hearts The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger Green pulls “Know Why You Believe” by Paul Little from the bookshelf to take a look inside.


If in today’s world you believe the Bible is from God and it is TRUTH, that is a good thing. However, if the time comes when you want to become a disciple, a learner, of what you believe to be true, then pushing forward is mandatory. If you desire to become a defender of WHAT you believe and taking the aggressive role in being able to present your case with conviction, then it is vital to know WHY you believe.

Global society is working very hard to wipe out absolutes from our history and moral values. We find ourselves regressing in our growth if we cannot understand and convey knowledge that will stand to man’s logic, reason, and rationalization. If what you believe cannot be proven by why you believe, then your creditability is destroyed. It is just another opinion.

When we are established in What we believe and Why we believe our foundation will be solid and well-pleasing to God.  Furthermore, we will be equipped to do the good works we have been called to do and able to stand against the attacks from the enemy.  Knowing What and Why in our theology keeps us from being deceived because the Truth abiding in us sets us free. Without a solid foundation, we will be tossed about, falling into unbelief and confusion.

Listen carefully to the challenging discussion that causes us to question Why we believe.

Know WHAT You Believe

This week on Sharin’ Hearts The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger Green pulls “Know What You Believe” by Paul Little.



What has established your beliefs about WHAT you believe? Family tradition, something you read or heard in social media, Church and Sunday School teaching, or first- hand bible study.

So many today have a theology built on second-hand faith. We may not be true disciples or learners as we accept whatever we are told is Truth without the discipline of daily searching the Scriptures. WE must be waiting on the ultimate professor of faith, the Holy Spirit to enlighten the doctrines, tenants, history, the God of the Bible, and timely truth. Do you really know WHO you worship and hopefully center your life around or is your God a God of convenience and comfort for your benefit only?

Most Christians today cannot defend their faith or beliefs, even though they believe. It is a scary world in the Church today. To think of a soldier not sure what the rules of engagement are, not knowing the people in charge of his company or platoon, not understanding any of the directives given or how to implement them, the war would not be won. We are facing the same crisis within the Body of Christ and the daily attacks are being met with indifference or little concern of what is on the horizon coming straight toward us. We are not prepared!!

Take time out today to start a new commitment to put on your armor and understand the purpose of wearing it. In this day and age, if you are not willing to be a soldier/warrior living independence under your Commander, life will be filled with defeat and anguish. Yes, Grace always abounds, but there are “rules” to grace being properly appropriated. GET GROUNDED in WHAT YOU BELIEVE!!

Destined for the Throne

This week on Sharin’ Hearts: The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger Green reviews Destined for the Throne by Paul E. Billheimer

If you are not satisfied with cradles and pacifiers for the Christian life, desiring to be more useful in our Master’s service, then here is a meaty volume of practical value.

This book, DESTINED FOR THE THRONE, challenges us to see the Church in all her glory, where we have originated, where we are going in God’s eternal purposes. It ties intercession into the why of our existence. Where do you fit into this program?  If you want to taste the fullness of knowing who you are IN CHRIST, open your ears and heart to this message by Paul Billheimer.


Faded Glory

Today on The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger Green explores Faded Glory by Maurice Lednicky



Today, Bible-believing followers of Jesus are appalled and horrified at the immoral (perhaps amoral) standard that is commonly accepted in our culture. Is the guileless agenda of TV, movies, and music simply coincidental? Are the blatant attacks against those who have a strong commitment of faith isolated acts of the few extremists? Maurice Lednicky doesn’t think so.
In today’s feature, Faded Glory: The Church in a Cultural Crisis, Lednicky insightfully addresses the impact of cultural attitudes and behavior the church has embraced in recent years.

At issue is the manner in which the church has allowed itself to be influenced by culture. There can be no doubt that we are in a serious cultural crisis and that the church of Jesus Christ is in the crosshair of the enemy’s biggest weapon.

So come be a part, as Maurice Lednicky reveals how to properly go about evaluating cultural mores without compromising our faith.

I, Jesus

Today on The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger Green explores I, Jesus by William Welty and Chuck Missler



Chances are, Jesus isn’t who you think he is.  No matter what you have read before about this first-century rabbi from Nazareth, there is a good possibility that you have been misinformed.  In fact, maybe you have been wrong from the start about the most amazing man who ever walked the surface of the earth.

I, Jesus speaks in His own words, about Himself, His Purpose, His Nature, and His Mission.

If you desire and want an intimate relationship with Jesus as your First Love, then this is a valuable portrayal of our Savior,  Servant, Shepherd, Messiah, and King.