Saving Christianity

This week on Sharin’ Hearts: The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger Green explores Saving Christianity by Michael Youssef



There is an element within the Christian community that has come to believe that Christianity must change or die and that they know what is needed in order to “save” Christianity. They proclaim that in order to save Christianity, Christians must change the core of our faith and adapt to remain relevant in order to attract younger generations.

According to one source:

If the Christian church is going to survive, it needs to develop alternative ways of viewing heaven and hell and a different way of looking at the atonement of sins through Jesus’ death on the cross. The concepts of hell and an atonement theory that requires the brutal crucifixion of Jesus before we can reconcile with God are incongruent with the concept of a God of grace. 

But is that really the case? In his book, Saving Christianity, Michael Youssef explores this train of thought and its pitfalls. For the sake of the next generation, he declares, we dare not abandon “the faith that was once for all entrusted to God’s holy people” (Jude 1:3), because it is the light for all humanity.

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