Benefits of a Good Conscience

Benefits of A Good Conscience follow the link to download or print

The conscience offers many benefits pertaining to life and holiness as we
understand what the CONSCIENCE does. Here is a list of the qualities that are built in us through honoring the working of our conscience.

1. KNOW GOD: The conscience allows us to KNOW God who has been defined in
the Person of Jesus Christ. There is no other way to know God personally and

2. LOVE: Through the conscience, God makes known to us His great and never-changing love for us personally.

3. PLAN: Through the conscience, we discover God’s plan for our lives. This plan
ensures a holy walk lending to happiness, not a happiness that never leads to

4. Through the conscience, He has made it possible for a line of communication to
be directly to God.

5. The conscience instills in us an absolute standard of Truth.

6. He gives us a MORAL absolute.

7. He invests His authority in us and through us.

8. He gives us a new identity.

9. The conscience serves us as a court of last resort. It allows us to bear witness to
our choices and know our innocence or guilt.

10. We are illuminated to the Truths of His Word so we can understand the realities
of life.

The conscience, when listened to, is in a relationship with God teaching us who a
person is, is determined by who God is. We are a product of what we believe
about God as revealed in the Bible, not as we perceive Him from our own