Expectations Chart

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Throughout life, we all develop EXPECTATIONS. They are usually produced
by comparing ourselves with others or from commitments people make or
imply. Some expectations result from valid needs in our lives; like being loved,
accepted and feeling secure. When those expectations are not met in the ways
we want them to be met by others or by God, the emotional reaction is often
ANGER is one of the strongest of our emotions. The Bible says to, “be angry,
anc/yet cyo not s/.a” (Ephesians 4:26). Anger is not the problem. It becomes a
problem only when we do not deal with it properly.
PREVENTING ANGER – by yielding our expectations and rights to God: To
yield, means we choose to let God meet our needs in the ways He sees as
best instead of the way we want to see things done. We CHOOSE to trust Him
and look to Him as the source of our contentment, joy and security, instead of
looking to circumstances or to other people
ACKNOWLEDGING OUR ANGER – to ourselves and God: Sometimes our
anger masks other painful emotions such as fear and hurt. Our anger does not
seem as painful to experience as the hurt does. It is vital that we express our
anger to God and allow Him to show us the cause of our anger. If we choose to
deny or suppress our anger it will just show up in our behavior, and eventually
affect our emotional and/or physical health.
UNRESOLVED ANGER leads to BITTERNESS: When we do not address or
suppress our anger, rather than deal with it, our anger can turn into bitterness.
The biblical definition of bitterness is “resentfulness” or “harshness” (Ephesians
4:31 and Hebrews 12:15).
Bitterness is the result of a perceived right that has been violated.
Bitterness will hurt and damage us emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Bitterness not only affects us but it will contaminate all of our relationships.
UNRESOLVED bitterness grows deeper and deeper resulting into resentment,
vengeance, ingratitude and eventually depression.
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