How to Overcome Fear

“And when the enemy drew near, My heart filled with fear, Then I heard someone dear, Calling me to His side, And I ran under His wings, There He covered me, And now I can see, The storm still rages, Oh, but in the Rock of Ages, We’re resting warmly here, Under our Lord’s wings” Under His Wings – Hymn

This week on Sharin Hearts Woman to Woman, Janie and Sharon are feeling the effects of the pandemic that has swept around the world. Since they have been unable to meet in the studio for conversation, they scoured their archives for topics that are relevant to our current situation. Fear is flooding many hearts as they face financial uncertainty, loss of loved ones, and isolation from friends and family. These are very difficult times but we want to be able to overcome the fear that grips and paralyzes us. There are approximately 365 verses about fear and worry in scripture. So, join in the conversation as we explore many of these verses to discover How to Overcome Fear.

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