When You’re Tired of the Symptoms…

We search for relief from our problems, instead of searching for a cure. Anything that will achieve temporary rest from anger, fear, frustration, unforgiveness and bitterness.  It is a repetitive cycle of survival and we become addicted to the short-term escape.

There is a long-term  cure and the first step of “cure” is to SEE  your need in the problem, call it what it truly is and ACCEPT the need as your wake-up call for change. The word for this process is repentance; to turn from the old thinking, emotions,  and actions.  Repentance  consist of confession of sin and submission to the authority of Jesus Christ. Because of God’s cleansing grace, healing comes.  Learning to see the need and not excusing with some popular modality is a big part of the challenge.  Follow Dr. Brandt through the maze of not treating the symptoms, but finding the real cure.


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