Waiting On God

Waiting on God is an important part of worship.  It is becoming a lost art in our daily lives as our culture tells us we must always be busy;  whether in earing a living, serving in a ministry, raising a family to the dictates of our society.  Quietness, in today’s pop thinking is mainly for the sick, elderly, or seeking solitude just long enough to recharge our batteries to be on the go at break neck speed.  People complain about being emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed, overworked, overloaded, overstressed, but continue the rat race instead of the stable quiet pace for true rest and renewal.  It is our choice no matter how we deny it.

Tragic end of life news blares at us each day about  the famous, desperate youth, leaders from every walk of life, saying they have lost purpose and hope for anything more and life is empty.

This is in direct opposition for why we were created.  Yes, we were told from the Creator, Himself, through His Word, that we would see hard times, tribulations, and even some persecutions; even unto death.  However, there is a bigger picture that requires us to see life from God’s perspective and that includes NOW and ALL of eternity.

When we take the time to stop our busyness and experience what it is to relax in conversation and mediation with our Lord, our Great Shepherd, and the Holy Spirit, our guide and  comforter, we enter a whole new realm of understanding and wisdom, that gives way to joy, peace, security, and living in a strength other than our own.

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