David’s Spiritual Secret Pt. 1

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Today’s Broadcast features David’s Spiritual Secret by Dr. John Barnett

One of the most talked about people in the Bible is David.  The Bible does not hold back on the strengths and weakness in his life.  From peace and tranquility to chaos and crisis David moved in and out of perplexing circumstances. He experienced every possible emotion. From joyous “highs” to lonely “lows” with anger, discouragement, depression, and rejection in between ( and many a result of his own choices); David nevertheless, was a man after God’s own heart. What comfort can be found in seeing the faithfulness of God as David lived out his life in open communication with his Great Shepherd.

David learned much in the early years of tending sheep and these values became  the way of life for his remaining days. The life of David is a “true confession” of a struggle with mind, will, and emotions; the soul of man. Once again, we see the importance in making “right choices” in each decision, as one wrong choice left David with many lingering consequences.

The reality in studying his life is that you may identify with many of his paths of soulish selfish flesh, but he always returns to his God as his foundation and solution for all he faced.

If you want to see “raw” emotions and how they play out in life, David is a man to study. If you want a guide to see how to stay focused throughout your life, David is an excellent example.

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