25 Basic Bible Studies

This week on Sharin’ Hearts: The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger Green pulls “25 Basic Bible Studies” by Francis Schaeffer from the shelf to explore.

Many Christians aren’t getting the grounding in the Word that is needed to build a lasting personal relationship with Christ. They seek out experiences that help them “feel” closer to Christ but haven’t gained the knowledge that will allow them to carry on when life comes to a point, which it does for all of us and more than just once or twice,  where they don’t feel close to God. They don’t feel saved, redeemed, loved or secure.

Many ask if the bible even speaks to the real problems of real people in the real world? Does it offer viable solutions to life’s problems? Absolutely it does, and you can weigh the evidence and decide for yourself in Francis Schaeffer’s-25 Basic Bible Studies, which details what the Bible actually teaches regarding our most fundamental questions about life and God.

So, come be a part as we search out the answers. This book highlights Scripture passages on the central doctrines of Christianity-such as creation, man’s sin and God’s grace, the person and the work of Christ, future events – and briefly explains how each passage supports the biblical teaching on that particular theme. It’s all right there. Laid out simply. You can see yourself what the Bible says – in God’s own words.

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