Wounded Heroes

Today from The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger Green shares “Wounded Heroes” by Elizabeth Skoglund. Wounds come in all forms from tragic events, daily pressures of continued stress, the “what ifs” of life looming over us, surprises of health challenges, broken relationships, losses  of many kinds.  It is certain that life is filled with UNCERTAINTY.  Choosing right responses is necessary in understanding unavoidable pain, suffering which does not immediately go away, even when we try to get rid of it. Finding meaning in our suffering can keep the joy  and hope for now and whatever may be ahead.

Common life mixed with the divine, practical details lived out in the light of eternity, blessings from buffetings: these are God’s ways of putting our theology into shoe leather. Centuries of saints show us the “how to” of being a faithful wounded warrior.

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