Intelligent Design- Uncensored

Intelligent Design is a term declaring  we DID NOT evolve from a glob of goop. It has been debated for centuries by those that want to do away with a need of God in Creation.  For years we have been told the Scriptures requires blind faith because there is really no science to back up the word of God; since science is supposed to be  the final authority in understanding.

Charles Darwin introduced his theory of evolution to argue that blind nature had produced all the species of plants and animals around us and a Creator could not be found in nature.  This thinking entered our educational systems over 100 years ago and has  been eroding the thinking of professors and students alike.  The scientific community has been divided in this area.

For those that will study the evolution theory they will find it has more holes than a sieve, however most people will not take the time to know how to DEFEND THE FACTS OF THE TRUTH. This book lays the foundation for understanding the “logic of the lie” and explains the evidence, from both science and Scripture, that confirms Intelligent Design in creation. A vital read that parents should digest and instruct our youth in a counterattack, because a world without God is a world without hope.


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