Limiting God

The phrase “Failure is the back door to success” certainly has merit.  Do words like fearfulness, selfishness, unbelief, failure, pride, laziness, ignorance, immaturity ever cross your  mind as you stop and have conversations with yourself about how you wish you did not have to do battle with these patterns in your thought life?  You know the Word says to  bring every thought  captive, but when swimming with strokes of repetitive thinking, these words have developed into lifestyles of living.  So, really what is the harm if you are just coping?

The main reason this way of living should not remain dominant is that without change your life will be LIMITING GOD in all that you do.  We have been given precious promises for living an abundant life now. Stopping short of that goal pulls us into fake and false thinking as an acceptable standard for who we really are as children of God. This in turn robs us of the joy, peace, calm, contentment, and an inability to grow in grace and knowledge, having Christ formed in you, with  waging war against the enemy that Jesus Christ defeated on the Cross. It is the fruit of blessing when our walk and talk are consistent and others can benefit from our testimony.

The Old Testament examples are given to help us see and understand the New Testament principles and how they can be applied.

Limiting God is an analysis of Christian failure with the sure answer for success in Christ.


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