David’s Spiritual Secret Pt. 2

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Today’s Broadcast features the second half of David’s Spiritual Secret by Dr. John Barnett

We continue to explore the life of David and encourage you to spend some time in the book of Psalms.  There you will read the songs David wrote to express his personality and disposition as he was used by God to give us wonderful examples on how to keep our eyes toward heaven. We learn how to see God in the dark times, as well in the times of praise and rejoicing as a guide.  Many Psalms written by David start out in the “pits” of discouragement and despair, but David reaches deep down into his inner being and always finds God there; waiting on David to find hope, security, and reason for going on: IN HIM, his Great Shepherd and friend.

Praising God in the tough times was one of David’s secrets for being a man after God’s own heart.  The other was “true confession,” owning up to his acts of selfishness with repentance. We need to remember one of the most important “secrets” of David’s life was his warrior’s heart for Almighty God.  Defending and avenging the character of God was not an issue to be questioned or compromised when David was walking in dependence on his Sovereign King.

What a treasure for our hearts to be given a picture of the grace and love given David just as we are called to live a life of holiness and trust in our Father God. Oh, what a sad picture when we choose to go our own way, even if just for a “season”.

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