The Way They Learn

This week on Sharin’ Hearts: The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger Green takes a look at The Way They Learn by Cynthia Tobias



In today’s enlightening resource, Cynthia Tobias introduces a variety of learning styles that shaped the way students interpret their world. Once these approaches are understood, parents and teachers can become far more effective in helping children grasp confusing concepts, staying interested in lessons, and utilize their strengths.

For instance, in teaching vocabulary words, some children respond best by using flashcards, while others need verbal drills, and a third group thrives on using body movements to help recall the definitions. By recognizing children’s learning preferences, you can reach them more efficiently and effectively! And with our nation in an educational crisis and countless parents finding themselves in the throes of virtual learning, there’s never been a better time for this book.


The Way They Learn, written by Cynthia Tobias should be required reading for any parent or teacher who really wants to see the kids succeed in school whether it be in a homeschool, virtual, hybrid, or in-class setting. So, come be a part as we instigate these powerful tools for throwing out the best in your child. Keep your children the best chance for success by coming into to understand the way they learn.