The Way of the Shepherd

This week on Sharin’ Hearts: The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger Green explores The Way of the Shepherd by Don Baker.



We all need and want to be cared for by someone who really loves us.  We are made in His image where love is paramount.  Understanding the ways of a shepherd and what he sacrifices in knowing every need of his sheep, being sensitive to their surroundings is what allows the sheep and lambs to lie down and rest in green pastures and drink the quiet still waters. Under the care of a good shepherd, sheep lie down in the quiet and serene sense of gentle contentment.  “Godliness with “contentment is great gain.”

The Way of the Shepherd will bring delightful joy to the heart and the beautiful pictures captivating the message in each chapter. The beauty of the book is that it equally reaches out to the heart that is troubled or to a person struggling with the issues of life that must have a shepherd to protect and carry us,  to a place of safety.  Expressed in the 23rd Psalm and illustrated for us is the correlation between sheep of the field and us as Christians being sheep of His pasture. Tension is released as we see we are never abandoning and always have the shepherd there for us when we are unable to help ourselves.  Great comfort and understanding come from practical illustrations that are given to David as he learned from his Great Shepherd.

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