Gods’s Best Secrets

This week on Sharin’ Hearts: The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger Green takes a look at God’s Best Secrets by Andrew Murray.


With all that’s currently going on around us, countless people are feeling increased concern and trepidation about our world at least for the foreseeable future. And while these thoughts are certainly normal considering all the uncertainty, we must remember to take every thought captive as instructed by the scriptures and filter all our thoughts through the lens of God’s word.

This can prove to be a challenging thing if in the midst of real or perceived chaos we are not vigilant and intentional. So, as Christians, how do we go about being alert and responsive to life’s dangers without falling into a state of “fear” which God’s clearly commands us not to do.

One of the most powerful and beneficial steps we can take is to be sure that we are immersing ourselves in God’s word daily. So, come be a part and join me in The Fireside Bookshelf Spring Book Challenge. Beginning on the first of next month, I will begin God’s Best Secrets-Devotions for the Hungry Soul by Andrew Murray.


This is an eight-month daily devotional journey and I hope that if you are not currently involved with another daily devotional book, you will pick up a copy and join me.


As many of you who are regulars to this program can attest, Andrew Murray is one of my favorite authors. And I believe his deep spiritual insights, unique perspective, and sound counsel are just what the doctor ordered for a country in the throes of uncertainty.


From the Scriptures, Andrew Murray found out that every Christian can expect God to reveal himself in an intimate, powerful, refreshing way. In these uplifting pages, Murray shares the personal revelation that he gained from spending quiet time with God.


As you reflect on the thoughts presented here, you will discover many of God’s Best secrets, including keys to experiencing:

·        God’s abiding presence

·        Answer to prayer

·        Success in witnessing to others

·        Joy in fellowship with the heavenly Father

·        The Holy Spirit’s guidance and keeping power

·        All that God has promised you

·        Perfect peace in life’s storms

·        Living and reigning with Jesus in heaven

·        Abundant life in Christ


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