The Way of The Master

This week on Sharin’ Hearts: The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger Green examines The Way of The Master by Ray Comfort.


How is it that a majority of Christians today have come to the conclusion that sharing the gospel of Christ is somehow not their personal responsibility.

I will be the first to admit that figuring out how to begin a conversation in order to share your faith with someone can seem like one of life’s most daunting tasks and certainly not all of us are called to a full-time role of evangelism. However, just because it does not come naturally for many of us, does not negate the fact that every Christian should be prepared to give an account of their faith when the Holy Spirit presents us with the opportunity.

We cannot wait around and hope that if the situation ever arises, we can simply “wing it”. If we don’t prepare to give an account of our faith, then more often than not, we will fail to heed the call when the Holy Spirit provides is an occasion to do so.

How can we learn to share our faith is simply, effectively and biblically… the way Jesus did?

One excellent tool that has greatly assisted me is: The Way of the Master by Ray Comfort with Commentary by Kirk Cameron.  This book gives life to an almost forgotten biblical key that has the power to unlock the door of the human heart. It is a proven and effective way of making the gospel make sense to the unsaved.

It is rooted in the Scriptures, once you see it, you will forever wonder how you could’ve missed it. It is the biblical principle of bypassing the intellect (the place of argument) and speaking directly to the conscience (the place of knowledge of right and wrong) – the way Jesus did.

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