Love & Respect

A wife has one driving need – to feel loved. When that need is met, she is happy.

A husband has one driving need – to feel respected. When that need is met, he is happy.

However, if either of those needs is not met, things get CRAZY!


This week on Sharin’ Hearts: The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger Green brings out a classic. Come join us on this 2nd Anniversary episode as Dr. Emerson Eggerichs reveals why spouses react negatively to each other, and how they can deal with such conflict quickly, easily and biblically.

Ask yourself, “What do I really want from my marriage”? Do you want peace? Want to feel close? Want to feel valued? Want to experience marriage the way God intended? Then why not try some Love & Respect?

Based on over three decades of counseling, as well as scientific and biblical research.  Dr. Eggerichs and his wife, Sarah, have taken the Love & Respect message across America and are changing the way couples talk to, think about, and treat each other.

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