Know the Marks of Cults

This week on Sharin’ Hearts: The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger Green gives insight into a book that helps us “Know the Marks of Cults” by David Breese.

Christianity should not be thought of as a stone wall behind which we cannot get. It is rather the highest mountain top beyond which it is downhill no matter which way one goes. There is nothing greater, nothing higher, and certainly nothing more magnificent than the mountain top of divine revelation in Scripture and in Jesus Christ.

To move beyond that mountaintop in the pursuit of something better is to lose oneself in the crags and crevices of the slopes that fall away from real Christianity. And beyond the crevices of heresy are the fever swamps of the cults, here the serpents and the scorpions wait. But how are we to cope with these cults? There are so many of them… All different. Who has time to study all their weird doctrines in order to refute them?

Today’s author submits that there is no need to get bogged down in the details of this or that cult.

Why? Because each cult is guilty of one or more of certain characteristic doctrinal errors. Once you know what these typical errors are, you can know what’s basically wrong with the cold, whatever weird or seemingly rational form it may take.

David Breese presents in his book, Know the Marks of Cults a guide that can be used to point out those doctrinal errors most characteristic of the cults of our time. This is not a study of the cults themselves; they are deserving of no attention. Rather it is an expression of hope that we may develop the spiritual faculty to recognize instantly the marks of the cults.

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