The Incredible Patience of God

This week on Sharin’ Hearts: The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger Green introduces us to “The Incredible Patience of God” by Lane Adams.



Many believers become discouraged with the long process of growth in their walk with Christ. In fact, today’s featured author believes it is “the rare spiritual prodigy” who moves rapidly to spiritual maturity.

In this book, Lane Adams urges Christians to seek a balance between asking for forgiveness and being accountable. The Incredible Patience of God will help Christians rethink their beliefs about sin and repentance, while reassuring believers who are sincerely seeking a closer relationship with God.

The purpose of this book is to bring comfort and understanding to all who named Jesus as Lord and Savior. May it’s message free many believers to patiently enjoy the maturing process as God is working in their lives. It is designed to bring a fresh biblical understanding of conversion and growth, and thereby to bring relief to the person who keeps wondering, “how come it’s taking me so long to get better?”


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