Full Assurance

This week on Sharin’ Hearts: The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger Green grabs “Full Assurance” by H.A. Ironside to explore.


There is a saying “Peace at any price” but most will not adhere to the certainty of peace because it does have a price.  The only one who can give full assurance of true peace says there are several absolutes for obtaining and enjoying the luxury of resting in your current circumstances and knowing joyful peace and calm.  Our society has done away with absolute thinking and accepted our own truth for having peace. This leaves us on shaky ground.

When doubts and fears arise to control our thinking and actions, our confidence in trusting anyone that offers peace with full assurance is dismissed as fantasy or out of date thinking. The Gospel message and the character of the Godhead are up for grabs as our logic and reasoning become our final authority and override the health manual of the Scriptures; as many regards that tool also out of date.

Full Assurance, by Dr. Harry Ironsides, realigns our thinking based on facts in faith. These are proven certainties readers can discover in choosing  Christ over the deception of the devil, or our fleshly desire.  This is a fascinating read with many stories and applications for encouragement to step onto the path of peace for whatever holds you from FULL ASSURANCE. From getting out of darkness, being set free from torments, finding hope to grow, standing on a solid foundation and handling the crisis of unplanned trauma or loss that we all may face, but all the while having the confidence to be well pleasing in all we do is the theme of FULL ASSURANCE.

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