God is Not Fair

This week on Sharin’ Hearts: The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger pulls “God is Not Fair” by Joel Freeman to examine. The really big question is how do we live, as we are called to live if  God is not fair?  A beautiful, yet simple solution, awaits you as discover the answer.

We often hear our children complain about a situation  that did not go the way they thought it should and say, “that is not fair.”  Fair according to what standard?  Is there an alternative to being fair? God assures us that according to His standard “fairness” must yield to justice under His loving wisdom.  Where did “fairness” become our “guiding light” for circumstances that happen in our lives?

The best of men have asked that question: Moses, John the Baptist, and even Job have all wondered why and how God allowed His Own to incur such horrible messes when they thought they were faithfully serving Him.

Joel Freeman portrays and outlines,  from start to finish,  of how we fall into this way of thinking as being justified by our own evaluations.  He uses examples from the logic of man to reveal the mind of God on where our thinking has a false view. “God Is Not Fair” awakens our conscience, in how the enemy can erode our seeking to explain the difficult things that happen.  This will hold the attention of anyone from 15-75 years.


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