Character Qualities

Friendships are extremely important to a healthy lifestyle.  If we have a desire to develop mutual enjoyment of our friendships, it is good to be comfortable with your friend knowing your strengths and weakness.  Being able to hear the expression “Celebrate their strengths and shore up their weakness” in your  relationships will assist with character development in a protected environment. Many times a negative response may be the misuse of an unrecognized  positive character.  Such as: Giving up needs to learn Endurance, Anxiety needs to exchange its thinking for Security.

When we see our friends struggling with certain negative thought patterns, searching the scriptures for the counter quality can strengthen relationships.

A true friend will not condemn but help hold you accountable for growing in your character development.  Friends can see our “blind” spots without pointing a blaming finger because we all have blind spots.  Hence, the need for character development according to the mind of Christ.


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