Character in Relationships

Character: Within the spelling of this word is a smaller word, the word ACT.  Godly character is what we choose to develop as we build a life in Jesus Christ.  It is not a part of the benefits of salvation.  We are responsible as to what character traits we form and then those traits are made known by how we act, public and private.   A strong warning: the person you treat the worst in your life is the revealing of your true character. This is a matter of the heart.


As gold is purified by fire and the dross rises to the surface as the heat is applied and dross removed , so our lives will reflect how the heat of trials, testing, and tribulations reveal our true  character development.  Godly character is developed now, not in Heaven.  Crises reveal character.  One way we can know the quality and purity of the gold when refined is by its softness and pliability. Character is refined and developed over time and  a person’s character is what they habitually are.  Seeing the fruit of the Spirit in a person’s life is a sure sign quality character is being formed.  Our character will remain with us throughout this life and life to come.  Christ has given us His disposition so that we can develop Christ like character.

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