Confronting Casual Christianity

This week on Sharin’ Hearts: The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger Green examines “Confronting Casual Christianity” by Charles F. Stanley.

Casual Christianity pulls back the curtains for choosing to be satisfied with making a decision in your Christian life but failing to make a commitment to the Person of Jesus Christ.  Partial commitments are not an option.  The scriptures are consistent in being wholehearted in your decisions if you want to be His disciple and learn and grow into a mature child of God.

Fear of the unknown of what God may ask of you puts on the “brakes” with getting too involved with a heart that says “none of self and all of Thee.” Yes, it can be scary if we look through the eyes of circumstances and consequences of what can happen here.  What will be required of me?

When your heart is so in love with the Lord Jesus that He is your main focus, then fear lessens and love strengthens.  The heart is so desirous to walk in His perfect peace with a rolling conversation that being casual about your relationship with Jesus is not an option in your life.

To come to this point is not easy as one must sing “I Surrender All.”  Easy to sing, hard to do.

Knowing and understanding the full benefits of the Cross of Christ and then taking up your cross on His behalf is our goal and focus.  We don’t want to be like the rich young ruler who wanted to follow Christ but when given the qualifying factor, he could not part with his temporal lifestyle and benefits.