Deceived by God

Today, Ginger Green opens another chapter into the mysterious and unknown paths that may confront us during the course of running the race here, as she explores Deceived by God by John Feinberg. We find it offers a view from above that can help carry us through when troublesome times appear.

The Word of God is filled with hope, love, a guaranteed future for those that love the Lord and are called by His name.  With countless promises and blessings, seasoned with grace, we want the Bible to  be our constant companion, as it supplies the foundation of our life in Christ.

When all this appears to fail and unthinkable troubles become living realities in our lives and families, how do we  continue to trust in a Holy God? Where do we go when we are on a slippery slope of sinking and cannot provide  comfort or answers to all those in need.

Deceived by God addresses this issue from a man in ministry, sold out to service and loving his God; yet facing the unthinkable.  Though no fault of anyone involved, overwhelmed with pain and sorry, John Feinberg looks at the hard questions of being a believer and not wavering in faith, though tossed about with perplexity.