Heaven (Part One)

This week on Sharin’ Hearts The Fireside Bookshelf, Ginger Green begins to share insight into “Heaven” by Randy Alcorn.

Most of us believe there is an afterlife.  Even if the body returns to dust for an unknown period of time, we do live on; but where?  Luke 16 gives a description of one who chose to live for himself here on earth, and after dying, tells a grim story for those who reject the way of Life in Jesus Christ. In that same chapter, there is a great insight for those that trust, no matter difficult life was while walking on earth. Many that are confident in their home going to Heaven still have questions about facts of their future.

  • How do we Gain Entrance into Heaven?
  • Is Heaven a Place or a State of Mind?
  • Will We Know One Another in Heaven?
  • What Will Our Resurrection Bodies Be Like?
  • What Will We Do in Heaven?
  • What are the Mansions like that Await Us?
  • Who Will Receive Rewards in Heaven?

And so many more questions.  The Word is very specific on some issues and gives glimpses into other matters that cause us to need to know the Word and accept, by faith, our Heavenly Father when “unknowns” to us still exist.

Heaven by Randy Alcorn, define answers that bring great peace and comfort to those that want the “real deal”.