The Impartial Judge

Romans 2:14: “The day will surely come when at God”s command Jesus Christ will judge the secret lives of everyone, their inmost thoughts and motives, this is all part of God’s great plan which I proclaim.”



God in His mercy has made provisions for us to escape His perfect justice through Jesus Christ paying our penalty and anyone who accepts His perfect plan  will never know condemnation.
He does not play favorites but offers His mercy in longsuffering that leads us to repent of our wrongs, as we are all guilty according to the mind of God, Ruler of All.
Today, we cover a wide range of Truth,diving into the depths of His forgiveness and hopefully, open our eyes to see where we try to escape wrath by our own ways and means, creating our own standard for justice and failing miserably.  Be ready to stand before The Impartial Judge and hear “Well Done, Welcome Home.”