Strengthen Our Conscience

1 Timothy 1:5 – “Now the purpose of the commandment is love from a pure heart, from a good conscience and from  sincere faith.”


This week on Sharin’ Hearts Woman to Woman, Janie and Sharon discuss ways that our conscience can be strengthened.

Many Christians know they have Jesus Christ secure in their hearts and going to Heaven when the Lord decides to bring them home. They want what is right but have failed in finding teaching that has provided them with understanding more than getting out of hell and into heaven. We are so very thankful that has been established in their hearts.

As life progresses the unknown,  disappointments, trials of various kinds, and loss, fears and doubts start to wage war in their thinking with accompanying emotions and feelings. These circumstances can bring a Christian into a perplexing lifestyle and sensing failure in all aspects of coping.

Not wanting to admit failure we can quiet those fears with busyness but never solve the problem for relief.

Our conscience needs to be strong, pure, and clean to guide us by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit’s instruction manual is the Word of God. There is today a famine in our land for the hungering heart. We have too many other distractions to keep us from becoming students of the Word.

Failure to make the Word in our lives a priority will allow the development of a weak and wounded conscience.

See if you have any traits trailing in your life for a weak conscience.