If You Will Ask

“Prayer” changes things” is a phrase we use a lot.  Oswald Chambers would change that phrase to “prayer  changes me,” and then I  change things. Sometimes we pray but God does not answer in the way we want and His silences troubles our senses.  If that is the case, our understanding of grace is very elementary.

One of our main problems is that we focus our prayers on ourselves instead of on God. The purpose of prayer is not to get healed,  get a job, get our house sold or whatever else we want.  It is to get “the life of God in us;” to be transformed into Himself, knowing Him as the Giver, not just receiving good gifts from Him.

We may faithfully pray for others only to hear the silence on Heaven.  He never promised that He would answer in “your time”, but in His time, and in the meantime redeem  the time for the days are evil.

Ephesians 6 gives us a glimpse into the purpose  of prayer; the role of a warrior.  We are  called to stand against the enemy and putting on the armor to wage warfare is where victories are seen.  Persevering supplications and intercessions should be a part of our daily walk.  What stop the flow by our busyness.  Busy people do not have time to pray and we all  suffer loss.  Learning how the Lord asks us to pray, according to His mind should be a privilege and priority. We are called to be overcomers and so there must be some conflict to overcome.  IF YOU WILL ASK lends instruction, hope, and comfort for  a life of change.

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