The Opposing Six P’s of Pride

“God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble” James 4:6


In their conversations that challenge Christians growth, Sharon and Janie have opened the door to all kinds of reasons why we don’t know or believe who we are in Christ; one of them being the lies that we have believed as truth. Last week they gave six traits that spiritual pride produces in our lives. This week they discuss the opposing six P’s of pride with the traits of humility. Believing religious lies can cause layers of spiritual pride that will plummet our Christian walk, but if we can really know humility it will keep pride from getting the upper hand. Defining Lies handout with scriptures is available to download for further study.

Recorded live on KWXC 88.9 Christian Talk Radio – Grove OK

Janie mentions Andrew Murry’s book “Humility: The Beauty of Holiness”

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