Encourage without Wounding

The biggest complaint about Christians today is that we are hypocrites.  We tell others what to do and how to live while not doing and living ourselves.  However, when Christians are asked about those accusations, we say that people use that as an excuse to stay out of church and refuse God.  Rarely do we think of ourselves as being hypocritical.

I realize that I have wounded people in my efforts to be encouraging.  My communication skills have not always been the best although I have had the best intentions.  Maybe it was due to excitement or my own adamant beliefs but unintentional wounds are still wounds that hurt.

Janie and I are going to discuss ways that we can learn to encourage others without wounding them. Sometimes our best encouragements can sound condemning and judgmental leaving others to think we are intentionally pointing a finger at them.  How do our best intentions turn into hypocritical judgmental condemnations?   We hope that you will join us in our discussion topic.

We broadcast live on KWXC 88.9 Christian Talk Radio and kwxcradio.com every Friday at noon (CST).  If that time is not convenient, you can listen to the recorded podcast which will be posted here following the live show each week.

Show dates are:

March 3rd – Episode 1

March 10th – Episode 2

March 17th – Episode 3

March 24th – The Shepherd’s Field – Part 1

March 31st – The Shepherd’s Field – Part 2

woman-to-woman-info-cards-lgWe also want to say thank you for your prayers and support.  Your feedback is encouraging.  We have enjoyed being a part of your lives each week and hope that you will continue to grow with us.

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