Christi Craddock

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christi-craddockChristi is President of His Truth Transforms International (HTTI), a non-denominational Biblical counseling ministry. After many years away from God she returned to the foundational faith she was raised on and found where her true peace and contentment come from which is a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Christi has worked in the legal profession for over 30 years and gained a unique and first-hand understanding of nonprofit management via her service with community organizations and board positions. In 2000, Christi joined her parents, Jim and Doris Craddock, at a ministry they founded and while there served five years as International Director and trained to be a Biblical counselor.

Christi shares her testimony and encouragement.  Recorded on KWXC 88.9 Christian Talk Radio.

In 2006, Christi and her parents started their new ministry, HTTI, where she shares how every believer can live in victory through providing Biblical counseling, published material, teaching, training, facilitating, and speaking. Christi has the privilege of working with her mom, Doris, and staff members Melody and Kitty, as well as Janie and Bob Ratzlaff. She has had the privilege of ministering God’s Word across the countries of Africa, India, Israel, Moldova, Cuba, and Mexico, as well as with the Billy Graham Evangelists Association (BGEA) at their International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists in Amsterdam 2000, their Conferences for Pastors around the world, and at their prayer center in New York City after 9-11. To find out more go to her website