Jesus is the Word

Fact Checked and verified that:
. In John 1:1 The Word of God is declared to be GOD
. John 1:14 The Word became flesh in the person of Jesus Christ.
. John 6:44 Confirms life that last comes through Jesus Christ from God the Father
. John 6: 48-58 offers an illustration of how this works. The explanation did not
make “sense” to some of his disciples that were listening.
. John 6:63 adds additional understanding to the process via the Holy Spirit. Still
not understanding they were offended and simply did not trust the words of
Truth – Did not agree with the Source.
. They chose to reply of their own understanding and walked with the Lord Jesus
NO MORE. They turned away. Their logic was better and higher than the God who
created them.
There was another group of his followers, his close disciples. They chose to ask
more questions to understand the “hard sayings.” They wanted to trust the Giver
of Truth.
What are we doing today when we are faced with hard sayings? Do we seek and
search to know? Many today are murmuring and complaining about the
difficulties we are passing through. They are NOT asking questions to know
accepting their own thinking, closing their hearts and minds to the facts.
Open you heart to the lessons we can learn by claiming the words of Jesus to be
our only hope and source of lasting living.