Great Faith

Being at the feet of Jesus is exhilarating, comforting, peaceful, and fulfilling.  I can’t think of a better place on earth that can compare to being in His presence and neither could the man who had been delivered from the legion of demons.  He had lived for years outside the city in the tombs, naked, and full of demons.  Jesus sent the demons into a herd of swine, clothed him, put him in his right mind, and he sat at Jesus’ feet.  There was no other place this man wanted to be for the rest of his life but at Jesus’ feet.   He begged to go with Him.


And Jesus said…

“Return to your own house, and show how great things God has done for you” Luke 8:39.  When we are sitting in His presence, it is tempting to want to just continue sitting there; hiding our self away, basking in His goodness. When God does those great and wonderful things in our life, sometimes we think that others won’t understand or that they may make fun of us, so we hide at Jesus’ feet.  Don’t get me wrong, hiding at His feet in His presence is never a bad place to be; that is where we find peace, strength, joy, and fullness.  However, it is very important for us to get up and go share with others those great things He has done.  This man did exactly what Jesus told him to do and when Jesus came back to town there was a great multitude welcoming Him back.  The woman with the issue of blood was healed at His return.  Perhaps it was the witness of the man’s life that gave her the faith that Jesus could make her whole.  Let’s live our life as a witness.  We may never know who might be encouraged to have great faith in Jesus because of it.

-Sharon Hoskins

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