A Great Woman

Behind every great pastor is a great woman.  We all have different opinions about what makes a great pastor’s wife.  Some think that she should be quiet; others think she should be center-stage.

Many think of the pastor’s wife as the woman who plays the piano, sits on the front row, teaches Sunday School, takes care of the nursery, plans dinners, cleans the church, leads children’s church and ladies group, organizes community events, and anything else that needs to be done.  We have our ideas of what she is supposed to do, how she is supposed to act, and the services she is to perform.  However, a pastor’s wife can have any number of characteristics, qualities, gifts, and abilities.  She is an individual, with her own personality, and she doesn’t have to meet our expectations.  We are sometimes very critical of the woman God called to work alongside our pastor; “We love our pastor, but his wife…”.  I have been a Christian for many years and I have heard horrible things come out of the mouths of people about their pastor’s wife.  Let’s stop making snide remarks and subtle jabs.  A wise pastor’s wife once told me that the only ones she needs to please is God and her husband; they are the only ones that matter.  With so many expectations from so many different people, how could she possibly please everyone?  The truth is she can’t.   We need to remember that when God called her husband to be a pastor, He called her to be a pastor’s wife, and whatever that means is between her and God.  Let’s extend love and thankfulness to our pastor’s wife for all that she does.  Let’s accept her for who God has called her to be in our life as our pastor’s wife.  Find out if there is anything she needs help with.  Encourage her with love and acceptance.  She is the woman who stands beside the pastor, who encourages him to keep going, takes up the slack when he has to study, and forfeits time with him when we call with an emergency.  She willingly fills her position with love for God, for her husband, and for us therefore we are blessed to have her.  If you are guilty of being too critical of your pastor’s wife, I encourage you to pray to God for forgiveness, and then start helping her through prayer, encouragement, and love.

Sharon Hoskins

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