Defense Mechanisms Part 1

This week on Sharin’ Hearts Mentoring Matters, Janie Ratzlaff and Sharon Hoskins discuss the comparison of secular/modern psychology and Christian theology.



The stark contrast between the Word of God and man’s therapies of psychology should give us insights into the simplicity that God provides to His children. It should also help us see the foolishness that keeps us continually seeking solutions in the frailty of man’s thinking. God is the ultimate healer and redeemer.
However, psychology can be used to identify certain issues in human behavior, but it has no solution for those issues. Psychology promotes defense mechanisms that prevent us from finding the real solution for our lives and even as Christians we can (and probably are) use defense mechanisms to function in our lives.
As you listen, we pray that you will recognize where you have believed modern psychology over God’s word and make a real change in your heart towards the Lord.