Secular Humanism

This week on Sharin’ Hearts Mentoring Matters, Janie and Sharon discuss how the world’s culture invades the church through each individual Christian. We are the body of Christ and the Church of God. When we think about the culture invading the church, it is not something that we are learning from the pulpit as teachings. It is invading individual hearts as we go about our daily lives.



Cultural views usually end with “ism”. Modernism, Rationalism, Socialism, etc all derive from Humanism. Secular Humanism is a religion that deifies man and dethrones God; thinking humans are superior to God.  It is a belief that man can fix man.
Secular Humanism’s doctrine says that we need to do away with history, traditions, and the things of old because we have a better way to do things now. We have evolved. The Bible is out of date and God is part of history, therefore; they are no longer needed.
Christians are influenced by the world’s views (the isms). We are innocently believing the “good-sounding” things, living by them, and teaching them to others not realizing that they are an “ism” that deifies man and dethrones God.
As you listen, we hope that you will examine your heart to find where you may have believed in the doctrine of Secular Humanism. Allow God to reveal, renew, and restore your foundation in Christ.